Why Personalized Vitamins Can Help You Feel Better While Traveling


Traveling can take its toll on even the most bionic body. Between jet lag, sick people sitting next to you on the flight, and airports in general (everyone knows how gross airports are), it’s hard to feel your best when you’re away from home. I mean, we rarely eat enough fruits and veggies on a normal day, let alone when running between terminals, to stay fully healthy and resilient. So how do we compensate for these deficiencies? We’ve all, at one point or another, considered a multivitamin. It’s easy, simple, convenient… but, perhaps, not the one size fits all solution it’s made out to be. Personalized vitamins can be a game changer.  

Enter Persona Nutrition. 

Where a multivitamin may be lacking (or overcompensating for) a certain nutrient, Persona’s daily vitamin packs are personalized for you, providing more of what you need, and avoiding what you don’t. I mean who wouldn’t want a vitamin pack specifically designed for your body and its needs? 

So how does it work… 


1. Take the Online Assessment 

Persona’s assessment is very in-depth and includes questions regarding age, diet, allergies, lifestyle factors and health concerns. Plus, they even check over 1000 prescription medications for drug-nutrient interactions. This is super important for many reasons but, primarily, because certain medications and supplements can interact in both positive and negative ways.

Persona’s 5 minute assessment takes longer than other vitamin companies but is the only one that checks for interactions with your prescription meds. Wouldn’t you rather be thorough with something as important as your health? I know I would! 


2. Check out your Personalized Pack

Based on the answers given during the assessment, the Persona algorithm will generate vitamin recommendations personalized for you. You can also edit your vitamins by adding or removing different supplements, making your customized pack even more specific to your needs and priorities. This is what makes Persona Nutrition perfect for travel. If you know you have a big trip planned you can easily add some supplements to keep your body in top shape while you travel. A Persona nutritionist also personally reviews your order before it’s processed.


3. Feel Good!

Persona’s certified nutritionists are available by phone, email or chat to help you along the way. When you get your customized vitamin pack in the mail (each pack contains 28 days worth of vitamins) you can rest assured knowing your body is getting everything it needs. Persona even separates your vitamins into packets for AM and PM so you know exactly when to take them. This also means that supplements that work well together can be in the same pack and those that interfere with each other can be in a separate pack,  while supplements for energy can be in the morning pack and sleep supplements are in the evening pack. You don’t have to worry about any of this because it is all done for you!



Persona makes your daily vitamins personal. They help you determine exactly what your body needs and then give it to you in easy to use (and travel with) pill packs. 

We asked the nutritionists at Persona Nutrition for their recommendations of the best supplements you can take while traveling. Because if you’re anything like us and traveling is too important/amazing/essential to stop, we want to help you stay healthy and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. 


Our Go-To Travel Vitamin List: 

Vitamin C with Bioflavinoids 

This supplement is no brainer for travel. It boosts your immune system, supports your heart, and combats radical damage. You’ll 100% want to make sure you have a few of these vitamins in your bag next time your throat starts to itch during a trip. 

Melatonin and Herbal Rest

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep while traveling. Combine jet lag with a new environment and it’s a recipe for insomnia.  Persona supplements can help. 

Our bodies naturally have melatonin in their systems. Melatonin is consistently rising and falling throughout the day and, when traveling, melatonin production can be disrupted. Taking a melatonin supplement can help put your body back on track and asleep in no time. 

Consider also, Herbal Rest. Herbal Rest is made up of 3 powerful ingredients that, when combined, knock you out for the whole night. It is made of Magnesium Citrate, L-theanine, and hops flower extract. Magnesium citrate relaxes your muscles while the L-theanine lowers anxiety and the hops flowers help you stay relaxed for longer. Together, these ingredients can make even the worst insomniac pass out. 

CBD Hemp Extract

This supplement is perfect for those long travel days. Sitting in an airplane or a bus can take its toll on your muscles. CBD Hemp Extract helps relieve both pain and inflammation in your muscles and joints. Plus, it alleviates stress and supports your mood. Uhhh… sign me up for a lifetime supply!

Digestive Enzymes and Probiotic Defense

Traveling is great but, it changes people’s daily routines and that can cause digestive problems. Your gut health is crucial for your overall health and happiness, so don’t think twice about adding these supplements to your pack.

Digestive Enzymes are essential to gut health and feeling good in the abdomen. Stress, age, lifestyle, and genetics can all affect how many digestive enzymes your cells produce daily. Having a sufficient amount of enzymes in the gut can lead to better nutrient absorption and overall gut health. 

Probiotics help your immune system, skin, and digestion. Probiotic bacteria is very important to your overall health because it helps support the detoxification process.

So now you know… A personalized vitamin pack is way better than a one-a-day multivitamin… and no one does personalized better than Persona NutritionKeep both your trip and your health on track. Take the free assessment and save 50% today.



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