30. Lifetime Membership License

30.1 A “Lifetime Membership License” shall mean a License for the use of Paid Services granted to you by Dollar Flight Club for your lifetime and shall, in accordance with this Clause, only terminate (a) upon the end of your life, (b) if Dollar Flight Club ceases to provide the Services in their entirety, or (c) if Dollar Flight Club ceases its business operations. A Lifetime Membership License is granted to you personally and the rights and obligations associated therewith shall not pass to your heirs and may not be otherwise transferred or assigned. Dollar Flight Club may ask you to present proof of identification at any time.

30.2 Under any Order for a Lifetime Membership License, you are entitled to access the Services described in such Order for as long as the respective product(s) is/are offered and supported by Dollar Flight Club as part of the Services (“Lifetime Membership License Term”).

30.3 A Lifetime Membership License shall only apply to the Services defined in the applicable Order and shall not extend to any future services.

30.4 Dollar Flight Club may only modify the Services under a Lifetime Membership License to the extent reasonable for you, taking into account your and Dollar Flight Club’s legitimate interests.

30.5 Neither Dollar Flight Club nor you may terminate any Order for a Lifetime Membership License for convenience. Your and Dollar Flight Club’s right to immediately terminate any Order for a Lifetime Membership License for good cause shall remain unaffected.