How to Get the At-Home COVID-19 Test Used by Major Airlines

Negative COVID-19 tests are becoming a virtual must-have for travelers. Unfortunately, long wait times, lack of available tests, and strict testing requirements have made it increasingly difficult just to get tested in time for your flight.

Now, Vault is working to make pre-travel testing faster, safer, and more affordable with its fast at-home COVID-19 tests.

Much of the travel industry has already begun working with Vault. Several states and major airlines – including JetBlue, Southwest, and Hawaiian Airlines – have partnered with Vault to provide travelers with their own at-home COVID-19 tests. They’ve also become one of Hawaii’s Trusted Testing and Travel Partners.

Now, you can get one of Vault’s at-home COVID-19 test kits delivered right to your door. So how does it work?

How Vault’s at-home test works

Instead of the commonly-used uncomfortable swab tests, Vault uses a PCR test that looks for the presence of the virus in your saliva. These saliva tests meet the testing requirements of even the strictest of countries and are safe for all ages. Plus, at just $119, they're affordable for luxury and budget travelers alike.

Here’s how the process works.

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1. Order your kit online

You start by filling out a few key details, such as who the test is for, a description of any symptoms, any possible risk factors, and pertinent health history.

After a few quick questions, you’ll be asked to enter your shipping and billing details for your at-home COVID-19 test kit.

2. The COVID-19 test kit will be sent to your address via expedited shipping.

Vault uses expedited shipping to ensure that you can get tested in time for your upcoming flight.

Once you receive your test kit, you’ll open the kit, look for the blue instruction card, and read the directions carefully.

Note: Make sure that you do not open the test tube package until you are instructed to on your Zoom video call.

3. Take a supervised test over video call via Zoom

Once you’re ready to take your covid test, you’ll log into Vault’s site and connect with your test supervisor over a Zoom video call. The test supervisor will guide you through collecting saliva in the tube. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

4. Ship it back overnight

Your kit already includes a prepaid overnight shipping label so returning your test is fast and easy.

5. Get your results fast

If you’re traveling to places like Hawaii or Aruba, you will get a report of your results (positive, negative, or inconclusive) within just 24-48 hours after your sample arrives at the lab. Other locations may take 48-72 hours.

You can opt to receive your test results by email or by logging into your Vault account.

Be aware that, if you’re heading to Aruba or Hawaii, you must order through each location’s specific page – Vault Aruba or Vault Hawaii – to take advantage of the reduced turnaround time.

Vault is the preferred testing parter of Dollar Flight Club

As travel experts, we’ve been closely watching as travelers struggle to keep up with the ever-changing testing requirements and lengthy wait times. We know a simple testing solution is the key to bringing back responsible travel.

That’s why we’ve officially teamed up with Vault to make sure that DFC members are COVID-19 free prior to your next adventure.

Click here to order your at-home test today and get back out there!


*For overnight shipping, be sure to drop off your test at UPS before the last delivery of the day goes out.


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