The Best Skincare Products to Pack for Your Next Trip

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It is hard to admit how much time and effort I put into my skin. Throughout my years, I have compiled hundreds of different beauty products. I would try anything that promised me glowing and healthy skin. We all have a daily skincare line-up that we follow religiously. Every night, regardless of how tired I was, I went through my nightly skincare routine. And I was happy to do it. If a delicate regimen of serums, moisturizers, and cleansers was what it took for clear skin, then that is what I would do. But as an avid traveler, it was nearly impossible to keep my countless beauty products intact during my trips. The amount of space my skincare products took in my carry-on was embarrassing… but I wasn’t willing to leave any of it behind. In everyday life, but especially when traveling, you want to be picture ready even with no make-up on. We all know the best insta moments happen when you’re not planning them. #candid


I knew there had to be an easier and more efficient way to travel and have clear skin, so I was on the search for a new type of skincare product. Skincare products that were made for the adventurer in me and still worked. That is when I discovered Ursa Major


I was searching for a skincare company that sold natural products but still used strong, active ingredients. I wanted products that would be perfect both in my home and on an airplane. And I wanted to simplify my complicated nightly routine while keeping my face picture ready. It seems like a lot right? Well, Ursa Major ticked all my major boxes and more…They produce, complex products for a simple routine


Their products are all about efficiency…they’re not about long skincare rituals or multi-step routines; instead, they focus on making “hard-hitting” effective yet enjoyable essentials. For example: instead of needing 5 different types of lotions, serums, or oils to moisturize your face, the Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm will do it all. And it is so nice to finally use a product that has no suspicious chemicalsUrsa Major has simplified the skincare game, so we can spend less time in front of the mirror and more time enjoying our vacation. Their products are… totally extraordinary, nothing extra


It is clear that the owners of Ursa Major are passionate about natural skincare. They care about making amazing products that not only look great on your skin but actually are great for your skin. Plus, they are gender-neutral and work for all skin types. Because skin is skin and a fantastic sulfate-free face cleanser works for all. Their products are everything you need at an affordable price, so you can look great without having to dip into your travel fund. 


Their products are totally extraordinary, nothing extra. Simple as that.  So you can experience… low maintenance, high-impact skincare


Healthy, hardworking formulas that go the distance. The beauty industry has brainwashed us into thinking we need all sorts of different products to make our skin glow, but it’s not true. Ursa Major only creates the essentials (face, body and hair care products), but that is all your skin needs. 


Ursa Major is changing the way people think about skincare products.  For your next trip, you have to take along the Ursa Major Trial KitThe Trial Kit is the perfect intro to this brand (and absolutely perfect for any carry-on). 


face kit


So what does this kit include?

  1. Fantastic Face Wash: This face wash is as the name says: Fantastic. It feels great, smells great, and leaves your skin looking great. It both cleanses and exfoliates your pores without taking away your skin’s moisture allowing your pH to stay in balance. With a fantastically clean face, you can take on anything life throws your way. 
  2. Fortifying Face Balm: Keep your face protected with this lightweight gel moisturizer that calms, hydrates, and nourishes your skin. This gel allows you to moisturize and then get on with your day. It reduces the appearance of redness and shine, so you can leave the house feeling confident even with no makeup on. 
  3. 4 in 1 Essential Face Tonic: Ursa Major’s most versatile product. This toner cleans, exfoliates, soothes, and hydrates your skin. If you use it daily (who wouldn’t?!) it will make your skin clearer, brighter, and calmer-looking. It really does it all. Plus it smells great. A mixture of lavender, fir, and orange. Um yum!
  4. Essential Face Wipes: Face wipes are perfect for travel (individually-wrapped bamboo wipes that clean, exfoliate, soothe and hydrate). You can use them at the airport, on the plane, and anywhere in between. Remember the 4-in-1 essential face tonic… well, these wipes are infused with the same formula. It is sure to leave your face refreshed, firm, and alive no matter where you are. And they really could not be more convenient when you’re on the go. 
  5. Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant: Deodorant is an important part of any time, but especially when traveling. You don’t want to be feeling unfresh while stuck on an 8-hour plane ride. Well, you don’t have to be worried about your freshness with Ursa Major’s award-winning deodorant. It will eliminate your odor while also absorbing excess moisture and soothing skin. With this deodorant in your bag, people will be fighting to sit next to you. 


These 5 products will change the way you get ready in the morning… and power down at night. 

Plus for all the travelers out there like me, they offer travel-sizes in their face wash, face balm, face tonic, deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner, so you don’t have to stop at just their trial kit. You can find everything you need for your next trip at

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