Dublin, Ireland – Top 5 To Do’s

Ah, to be sure – Dublin is one of the world’s great travel destinations and a charming, charismatic city. Seamlessly blending incredible historic and religious sites with a truly fantastic nightlife, the luck of the Irish will be on your side if you have a while to spend here.

There’s so many different sides to Dublin, that it can be hard to narrow down what to see and what you’re looking for. To help you out, here are our top 5 things you can’t miss while you stay in this super city.


1. St Patrick’s Cathedral

Actually made up of two cathedrals, St Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest church in Ireland – and Ireland has a lot of churches. It was built in the 12th Century, and has almost 1000 years of fascinating history. Plus, the architecture is absolutely stunning. It is well worth a visit to admire and hear more about the history of this building and the facts about it – for example, it is the burial site of the author of Gulliver’s Travels.


2. Drink at Temple Bar

This super famous bar is impossible to miss, as it features right in the heart of Dublin and has a bright red façade. It is probably Dublin’s most famous drinking hole, and if you take a seat at the bar, you’ll be the latest in a long line of drinkers who have visited this spot since about the 1300s. While Irish whiskey tends to be the drink of choice, they do of course serve the national drink: Guinness.


3. Tour the Guinness Storehouse

A little known fact amongst beer drinkers is that Guinness tastes way better in Dublin than it does anywhere else in the world. Locals tell you that they way they pour it is the trick, or maybe it’s all in your head, but either way you’re sure to be drinking this heavy, heavy beer soon. Learn more about it and do plenty of tasting at the Guinness Storehouse, which also features a great souvenir shop.


4. Walk Across Ha’Penny Bridge

Every city has its famous landmarks, and one of Dublin’s most well known is the Ha’Penny Bridge. This white bridge stands out in the otherwise industrial-looking city, and is featured in endless tourist photos and postcards. Be sure to wander across it while in Dublin!


5. Trinity Library

Located at the impressive Trinity College, one of the oldest universities in the world, any book lover is bound to be completed and utterly bowled over by the astonishingly beautiful Trinity Library. This place is incredibly grand, with floor to ceiling leather bound books. It’s like something out of the daydreams of the ultimate book lover, and it has a wonderful atmosphere. Although you can’t touch them, some of the world’s rarest and most valuable books are here – and a few are always on display.