Cordoba, Argentina – Top 5 To Do’s

Cordoba, Argentina Church

Cordoba is second only in size to Buenos Aires, but it has a completely different atmosphere. It still has much of the same appeal, with a great nightlife (helped along by the fact that Cordoba is home to the country's oldest university) and beautiful architecture, but with more open space and the countryside just minutes away. Here are our top 5 things not to miss while in Cordoba, Argentina.


1. Iglesia de Los Capuchinos

This 1920s Church is one of the most recognisable sights in all of Cordoba, with its beautiful Gothic brick exterior and intricate murals inside. The Church is still very much a part of life for many people in Cordoba, so don't be surprised if you catch a local ducking in for a lunch-time prayer session.


2. Get a drink in Guemes

Get a drink in Guemes Cordoba Argentina

The whole city of Cordoba has a fun atmosphere since it has such a large student population, however, the best place to experience the bohemian vibe is in the neighborhood of Guemes. It is filled with great cafes, restaurants, and quirky shops, but our favorite is the trendy bars that sell delicious cocktails as well as cheap, delicious red wine – much of it Argentinian Malbec. What more could you want?


3. The Jesuit Block

The Jesuit Block Cordoba Argentina

Perhaps Cordoba's most famous attraction and UNESCO world heritage site, the 16th Century Jesuit Block was built as a settlement for Indigenous people, many of whom were exploited for their labour. Despite the block's sad history, it is undeniably beautiful, with an imposing brick Church and also an estancia (farm) surrounding it. It is also the site of the oldest University in Argentina, and the fourth oldest in Latin America.


4. Dance to Cuertato

Dance to Cuertato Cordoba Argentina

This is Argentina – you didn't think only Buenos Aires had the great parties, did you? If so, think again, and get prepared to dance in Cordoba. While there are many great bars and clubs around the city, the best play the sounds of Cuertato, a style of music that started in Cordoba but is now popular all over Argentina. It is upbeat, accompanied by many different instruments, and bound to get you up and dancing the night away!


5. Day Trip to Villa Carlos Paz


One of the best things about Cordoba compared to its big sister Buenos Aires is that it is so close to Argentina's gorgeous countryside. Located just a few minutes away from Cordoba, one of the prettiest and most interesting villages is Villa Carlos Paz. The village is nestled on the bank of the Lake San Roque, so there are lots of activities available including sailing, kayaking, and canoeing. For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, other adventure activities include hiking and mountain biking, as well as becoming a 'gaucho' (cowboy) while horseback riding through the beautiful sierras (hills).


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