Top Heathrow Airport Restaurants Ranked

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Hungry travelers are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to London Heathrow Airport restaurants. While airport food typically evokes depressing images of bland chicken wraps, soggy salads, and overpriced protein bars, the UK’s largest airport boasts an impressive variety of exciting restaurants for every kind of traveler.

Whether you’re on your way out of London or you’ve simply booked a flight with a long layover, here’s our take on the best places to grab a bite to eat at London Heathrow Airport ranked.

Quick bites at Heathrow Airport restaurants

Every traveler has had to speed walk through the airport at least once. Whether rushing to grab a snack before boarding or because that amazing cheap flight you found departed earlier than you realized, we’ve all been there. Fortunately, London Heathrow Airport (LHR) has made ordering food incredibly easy for travelers in a rush.

Through the Grab mobile app, passengers can preorder food and drinks for pick-up at various airport restaurants. Though not all restaurants are available on the app.

Various airport restaurants also offer 15-minute menu items, which are dishes that can be prepared and served within 15 minutes of ordering. Just look for the 15-minute menu symbol when ordering at the restaurant.

And for the traveler who doesn’t even have time to eat? No problem. Thanks to London Heathrow’s in-flight picnic option, select airport restaurants will package multi-course meals in reusable containers, insulated containers to be enjoyed in flight. You can identify these restaurants by looking for the “Take Onboard” sign.

Pubs Galore at London Heathrow Airport

In true London fashion, there are pubs seemingly everywhere you look in Heathrow Airport. While restaurant bars are common in airports around the world, this airport is filled with true London-style pubs where travelers can pass the time pre-flight.

If you didn’t get your fill of pubs while in London, there are several popular pubs where you can enjoy one last pint or a proper English breakfast before you even walk through security. A few popular spots include:

Top Heathrow Airport restaurants ranked

1. Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

Terminal: 5

The famously foul-mouthed chef’s airport restaurant is a mainstay at London Heathrow. The menu here features European and Asian influenced cuisines and serves everything from early breakfasts to dinner and cocktails. A la carte options include butter chicken curry, short rib burgers, and a raw fish bar. Plane Food also offers 2 and 3-course express meal options for travelers on the go.

2. Fortnum & Mason Bar

Terminal: 5

Both early risers and fine diners have a home at Fortnum & Mason. Upon opening at 5:30 a.m., the restaurant serves sizeable classic British breakfast options. On their seafood influenced all-day menu, expect to find slightly elevated offerings such as oysters, Nicoise salads with lobster, and welsh rabbit toasties. Wash it all down a nice glass of champagne as you toast your travel partner to a successful vacation.

3. The Perfectionists Cafe

Terminal: 2

True to their name, The Perfectionists Cafe caters to passengers who want exceptional British classics quickly. In addition to poached egg-laden breakfasts, the varied menu includes items like chicken tikka masala, wood-fired pizza, and scotch eggs. The Perfectionists Cafe also offers an express menu that makes it possible to get a great meal on the go instead of settling for a disappointing airport salad


4. The Gorgeous Kitchen

Terminal: 2

The Gorgeous Kitchen provides a welcome escape from the chaos and crowds of the airport. Inside, this Heathrow Airport restaurant really does offer travelers a gorgeous, open space to enjoy a meal. The focus here is on light, healthy versions of British classics using hand-selected seasonal ingredients. Travelers love the Gorgeous Kitchen’s cauliflower steak and duck noodle salad.

5. Spuntino

Terminal: 3

If you’re not interested in the British food served in so many Heathrow Airport restaurants, Spuntino might be just what you’re looking for. An outpost of a popular London restaurant, Spuntino combines Italian American comfort foods with American prohibition-era inspired cocktails. Enjoy the outstanding blues soundtrack as rollerskating servers deliver indulgent dishes like mac and cheese, spicy jackfruit burgers, and sourdough pizza to your table.

6. The Commission

Terminal: 4

The commission is another restaurant that focuses on serving dishes that feature quality, seasonal British produce in a modern setting. The menu here features a variety of healthy, high-quality versions of British classics and pub foods. Burgers, salads, and fish and chips are all on the menu here. As are dishes like monkfish curry and pan-fried salmon. Whether you’re looking for a morning coffee or a celebratory cocktail, The Commission is one of Terminal 4’s best bets at any time of day. 

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