Austin, United States – Top 5 To Do’s

You HAVE got to put Austin, TX on your list of cities to visit. It is vibrant and full of things to do. Whether you are visiting alone, with a friend, significant other, or the whole family there is something for everyone around every corner. Live music, museums, parks, and so much more will have you wanting to come back for more.

Whether or not you’ve booked your flight to Austin already or are putting it on your bucket list, here are DFC’s top 5 to do’s while you are there!


1. Wander Zilker Park

Across the river from Austin, Zilker Park offers a reprieve from all the tall buildings. Full of places to swim and museums, you could spend all day at Zilker Park. With athletic fields you could play a pick up soccer game, or instead just decide to picnic in the all of the open area. Stroll and ogle at the bright colors in the botanical garden or hop inside the UMLAF Sculpture Garden and Museum.


2. Tour the State Capitol

The Texas State Capitol is a remarkable building and has been recognized as a Historical National Landmark. A stunning red granite building, the State Capitol is hard to miss and worth the visit. A free guided tour allows you to take in all the history and stories of Texas while wandering the capitol, gardens, and surrounding monuments. Whether you come by yourself, with a friend, or even with kids, everyone will learn something and see something new.


3. The Music Scene

When in Austin you must listen to some music. It is considered the “Live Music Capitol of the World”, so be sure to wander over to Sixth Street where the live music will find you. Sixth Street, between Congress Street and Interstate 35, is known as the Dirty 6 to locals and is the hotspot to listen to up and coming artists. Buzzing with activity, Sixth Street includes restaurants, shops, bars, and of course some of the best live music joints in the world. With no cars allowed on Friday and Saturday nights go wander through the middle and sides of Sixth Street.


4. Watch the Bats Fly 

What? Watch bats fly? Why is that on our list you ask? Because it is so amazing. Austin has 1.5 million Mexican Free Tailed bats that emerge from under Congress Bridge at dusk. These bats eat 10,000-20,000 pounds of insects and pests every night. Incredible! Learn more about them and be sure to go see them one evening. The best vantage point can be Congress Bridge or you can even rent a boat to see the bats fly.


5. Visit Longhorn Cavern State Park

Although Longhorn Cavern State Park is a little over an hour outside Austin, it is worth the drive. There are many stories and legends surrounding Longhorn Cavern State park that are enough to attract any visitor but it is really the geology, rocks, and formations that make it truly unique. You can tour the cavern, have a picnic, or hike a trail. There are endless options if you decide to make the drive!