8 Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway


Romantic getaways are a great way to make lasting memories with your partner. But from choosing the perfect destination to carefully toeing the line between romantic and cheesy, planning these love-filled retreats can also be pretty intimidating.

Fortunately, we know a thing or two about weekend getaways. That’s why we’ve partnered with Lunya, creators of the reinvented sleepwear for the modern woman, to help you plan a getaway that both you and your partner will love.

So whether you’re renewing your vows in Aruba or planning a staycation closer to home, read on for our best tips for planning a romantic getaway. 

Take the pressure off

Leave behind those idealistic, romance-novel-inspired expectations for what a romantic getaway should be. These ideas only add unnecessary pressure and stress to our trips, making us feel like we need to plan a trip that is jam-packed with the grandest displays of love possible.

Instead, commit to simply enjoying the quality time spent with your significant other, whether it’s a rose-petal infused trip across the world or a staycation in your own backyard.


Leave the boring evening wear behind

If it feels too cliché, you really don’t have to go out and buy that “special outfit” that will eventually just collect dust in the back of your closet. But make no mistake, what you slip into after dinner can still set the tone for your romantic getaway.

For women, Lunya’s washable silk sleep sets will have you feeling cozy, confident, and relaxed – whether you’re recapping the evening over a glass of champagne in the room or enjoying a romantic breakfast in bed with your partner.

Unplug from your devices

One of the most romantic things that you could give your partner (or anyone) is your undivided attention, which can seem easier said than done these days.

It doesn’t matter if you’re used to working anywhere as a digital nomad or just need to send a quick email. Eliminate any possible mood killers by putting your phone away, leaving your laptop at home (or in the room safe), and being present for every moment of your amorous escape.

breakfast in bed

Let yourselves just stay in

When we travel, we often want to experience all the must-see places of our new destination. But a romantic getaway doesn’t always have to be that kind of trip. Instead of running around and checking attractions off a list, you should allow yourselves to be a little lazy. Take the chance to sleep in, order plenty of room service, and just relax in the hotel room. It might just be the recharge you need.

For some inspiration on lazy-day worthy stays, here are some hotels you’ll never want to leave.

Chakrabongse VillasBangkok 

As Jenelas VerdesLisbon

The DreamcatcherSan Juan, Puerto Rico

Beloved Playa MujeresCancun

Chicago Athletic AssociationChicago

Establish your budget. Then forget it.

Worrying, stressing, or arguing about money is a sure-fire way to kill the romantic vibe during your trip.

Before your romantic getaway, decide what kind of budget you’ll set for the trip. Are you treating yourselves to a once-in-a-lifetime escape where you’ll spare no expense? Or is this more of a simple, budget-friendly weekend away from the kids? Establish expectations ahead of time with your partner, put plans in place to stay on budget, and then resolve to not bring it up for the duration of the trip. 

fireplace couple

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Not a planning expert? Feeling lost with this whole romance thing? Just want some extra help making this the best trip ever? Take advantage of your built-in sidekick: The hotel concierge.

Hotel staff, specifically the concierge, are there to make your stay as enjoyable as possible and are almost always willing to help accommodate special requests. Reach out to the hotel a few weeks before your trip, either by email or phone. Let them know that your stay is part of a romantic getaway and that you’d like to make it extra special. From rose petals and chocolates on the bed to private dinners and epic excursions, they’ll be able to put the plans in place that’ll make you look like a superhero come check-in time. 

Book an adults only hotel

As cute as they might be, there are few things that can kill any sort of romantic vibe faster than the sounds of other people’s kids running around the hotel. Especially if you’ve decided to leave yours with a sitter for the weekend.

If you don’t want to be worried about tripping over pool toys or being woken up by a crying baby in the room next door, book a hotel with an adults-only/no children policy.

It won’t make you a bad person. Just a more relaxed and well-rested one. 


Personalize the experience

The perfect romantic getaway is the one where you do what YOU want to do, not forcing yourselves to do the activities that you feel like you’re supposed to do in the name of love or romance.

If you prefer Thai takeout to candlelit dinners, get delivery to the room or eat it poolside without an ounce of shame. If you’re the type of couple that would rather camp in Yellowstone than splurge for a 5-star hotel, then do that instead. If your partner would actually hate being surprised because they prefer to plan their own trips? Make planning the trip one of the fun things you do together.

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