The Best Spring Break 2020 Destinations

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Spring break 2020 means different things to different people. For some, spring break means a week of lazy beach days and bottomless pina coladas. For others, spring break is the perfect time to check a new country off of their travel bucket list. So how will you be spending your spring break in 2020?

To give you some inspiration for your upcoming spring break plans, we recently surveyed 5,000 of our most active members to determine where they’ll be going, how much they’ll be spending, and what tips they have for saving money on cheap flights during this busy travel season. Here’s what spring break 2020 will look like for our members.


Beach Vacations are the Most Popular Option for Spring Break 2020


    • 60% – Beach
    • 20% – City Exploration
    • 10% – Cruise
    • 6% – National Parks Tour
    • 4% – Ski Trip


It comes as no surprise that beach vacations are by far the most popular choice amongst travelers. Whether they’ll be living it up at an all-day beach party down in Miami or getting pampered at one of Mexico’s 25 best all-inclusive resorts, 3 in 5 travelers will be spending spring break 2020 with their toes in the sand.

And considering spring break is usually a time to shake off the colder months, it makes sense that only 1 in 25 travelers will be hitting the slopes for spring break 2020. Still, if you simply can’t stay off the slopes, check out ZRanking’s top 12 places to ski for spring break.


Italy is the Top International Destination for Spring Break 2020




  • 50% – Italy
  • 20% – Bali
  • 15% – Greece
  • 8% – Spain
  • 7% – London


½ of our members who will spend spring break 2020 abroad will be heading to Italy. Rome, Italy was one of our Top Cheap Places to Travel in 2020, so it’s definitely a popular destination at the moment. But Italy’s not just ancient ruins and majestic cathedrals. Italy also boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and seaside towns along its shoreline.

Still, seeing that only ⅕ of travelers will be heading to Bali, one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, is interesting to see. Bali beaches are world-renowned for having something for everyone. Check out this list of Bali’s best beaches to find all the best beach bars, surf spots, and relaxing resorts that this incredible island has to offer.


Hawaii is America’s Most Popular Destination for Spring Break 2020




  • 55% – Hawaii
  • 20% – Miami
  • 10% – Los Angeles
  • 6% – New Orleans
  • 4% – Key West


Continuing with the beach theme, the majority of travelers we surveyed will be spending spring break 2020 on Hawaii’s tropical shores. The Aloha State is a near-ideal spring break destination thanks to its breathtaking natural landscapes and endless opportunities for swimming, surfing, sightseeing, and sunbathing. If you’re heading to Hawaii for spring break 2020, be sure to hit one of these top spring break destinations.

As one of the nation’s most popular spots for college-aged travelers, Miami ranked as America’s second most popular spring break destination. If you’re thinking about heading to Miami for Spring Break 2020, check out Trip Savvy’s ultimate spring break guide to Miami Beach


40% of US Consumers Budget $1,000 for their Spring Break Travels


  • 40% – Budget $1000
  • 30% – Budget $2000
  • 17% – Budget $3500
  • 13% – Budget $5000+


Our members like to save money when they travel. That’s likely why almost half of our members said that they’d be budgeting about $1,000 for the spring break trip.

It’s not always easy to save money for travel, especially around major events like spring break when flights can become more expensive and even cheap hotels raise their room rates. Fortunately, we also asked our members to share tips on how they’ll be saving money as they prepare for spring break 2020.


Money Saving Tips for Traveling During Spring Break


1. Set Up Flight Deal Alerts

The better a deal is, the shorter the amount of time it will be available. So when great deals on plane tickets for spring break 2020 come up, you need to act fast. Especially considering our data suggests that prices can fluctuate over 135 times a day.

The best way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any incredible savings is to set up flight alerts. One way that you can do this using sites like Google Flights or Skyscanner.

The other way is to sign up for fare alert services like Dollar Flight Club. We instantly send out flight alerts straight to our members’ inboxes, so they never miss a deal.


2. Fly on Mondays

The cheapest day to fly out for spring break is Monday as most people leave for spring break on Friday or Saturday. Monday to Thursday departures are up to 35% cheaper than Friday to Sunday ones. The bigger a jumpstart you can get on your spring break 2020 travels, the better.


3. Use CLEAR for Free

CLEAR is a way to get through airport security faster. Available at over 65 airports in the US, CLEAR uses your unique eyes and fingerprints as your ID and provides a special line to get you through security with time to spare.

You can try CLEAR for 2 months absolutely free. Because airports are busiest during the holidays, you can try CLEAR during your spring break trip to skip those backed up security lines.


4. Get Travel Insurance

During popular travel times like spring break or holidays, airports are busy. Security lines, traffic, and delayed flights can all cause your trip to change quickly.

To avoid losing money on your tickets, make sure you have a backup plan during holiday travel in case things go awry with your travel plans. We recommend spending the extra money to protect your trip directly with the airline. Insuring your spring break 2020 trip can cost as little as $20 upfront and can save you a lot of time and money.

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