Sydney, Australia – Top 5 To Do’s

There is perhaps no other city that embodies the Aussie vibe more than its largest offering, Sydney. Situated near the shores of many famous beaches from Coogee to Bondi, the beach is a way of life for Sydneysiders. Visitors are welcomed with the typical laidback Aussie hospitality, and the city is simply bursting with things to do and see.

So much so, that narrowing down what to do can be the hardest dilemma of all. To help you decide what to see on your Australian adventure, here’s 5 things you cannot miss.


1. The Sydney Harbour Bridge

There is probably no more iconic landmark in Australia than the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Stretching out over the expansive Harbour, it is as Australian as drinking beer out of an esky beside a barbecue. Climbing the bridge is a great experience, giving you amazing views out over the city, but it is quite pricey. Simply snapping some shots in front of it is enough for most tourists to prove they’ve been to ‘Straya!


2. Taronga Zoo

If the Harbour Bridge is Australia’s most famous architectural sight, then its animals are probably its most famous natural one. From the cuddly (see: Koala) to the terrifying (see: Taipan), Australian animals are world famous. Don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal with the cuddly ones at Taronga Zoo. Here, you can observe all kinds of animals (even the terrifying ones), and also snap a photo holding an adorable koala.


3. Opera House

Another quintessential sight in Sydney is the Opera House, with its sail-like roof. It’s walking distance from the Harbour bridge, so there are also endless restaurants, souvenir stalls and more nearby. It is possible to tour the Opera House with a guide, and learn many interesting tidbits about the structure – such as that it’s acoustics are actually despised by most opera singers. Luckily, visitors love it for its obvious Australian-ness!


4. Walk from Bondi to Coogee

The statement that the beach is a way of life for Sydneysiders is not an exaggeration. Every day, Sydney’s northern beaches are crowded with both locals and visitors who are soaking up the gorgeous views and amazing atmosphere. Two of the most famous beaches are Bondi (of Bondi Rescue fame – you might be able to spot some famous lifeguards!) and Coogee. The walk between them is a beautiful, and a local favourite.


5. Hyde Park

Being Australia’s largest city (but not the capital – that honour goes to Canberra), Sydney can be very hectic, with all the congestion and endless noise that you associate with big cities. If it gets too much, head for the expansive Hyde Park, which is Australia’s oldest inner city park, and a great place to enjoy the spectacular Australian weather. You’ll see many glamorous Sydneysiders walking and jogging around the park, or just seeking a respite from the busyness of the CBD.