Prague, Czech Republic – Top 5 To Do’s

Prague is one of the most visited historic cities in Europe. From iconic Prague Castle to popular Charles Bridge to Cathedrals, Prague features some of the most amazing attractions you don’t want to miss. This city is also very well-known for its delicious beers and cuisine. Every year, Prague welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world. Though there is a lot to explore in Prague, these are the top 5 things you don’t want to miss in this city:


1. Old Town Square

Dating back to 12th century, the Old Town Square is the most incredible historic square in the city. There are many stunning attractions to explore in the square including Church of our Lady before Tyn, Old Town Hall, the Gothic House and the Rococo Kinsky Palace. In addition to the historic attractions, the Old Town Square is home to many picturesque buildings, cafes and restaurants. Be prepared to be enchanted by the beauty of Old Town Square on your visit to Prague.


2. Charles Bridge

Your Prague trip is incomplete without walking across this iconic bridge which connects the Old Town with Lesser Town. Dating back to 1350, the Charles Bridge is home to more than 20 statues. While strolling around the bridge, you’ll witness the surreal views of Prague city. This bridge has also been featured in a number of movies, so you might notice it. There are many street vendors on the bridge selling souvenirs which you can take back home. If you want to witness the sunset in Prague, Charles Bridge is a perfect spot for it.


3. Church of St Nicholas

There is no shortage of churches in Prague which date back hundreds of years. One of the most beautiful churches in Prague is ‘Church of St Nicholas located near Charles Bridge in Lesser Town. The church has been described as ‘the finest example of Baroque architecture’. This church features unique paintings and ornaments based on Baroque design. Many events and concerts are also held in this church throughout the year which makes it an attractive site to explore in Prague.


4. Prague Castle

You must visit this grandiose castle in Prague which is also a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Prague Castle was built in 14th century and since then; it has been restored and renovated many times. The castle features around seven hundred rooms making it the largest castle in Europe. There are many stunning attractions on castle grounds including the famous St Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane and St George’s Basilica. You can either stroll around the castle on your own or you can buy a guided tour which will let you visit all the main attractions.


5. St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is the most famous and largest cathedral in Prague. Located within the Prague Castle, this cathedral contains tombs of many Roman Emperors and Bohemian Kings. This gothic style cathedral took hundreds of years to complete. It is now the main religious place and also one of the most visited sites in Prague. People not only come here for prayers, they also explore its magnificent architecture which is absolutely breathtaking.