5 Ways to Manage Your Finances In Between Flights

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The most challenging part of having connecting flights is staving off boredom. While all of us are only moments away from plenty of entertainment, be they movies, games, or TikTok, how about filling some of your free time with productivity? With eToro, you’re never far from the crypto market. Here are some of the best ways to manage your finances right from your phone, no matter the time of day.

1. Diversify your holdings

Crypto enthusiasts often forget that diversification is not just for stock traders. This is a timeless practice for money management and it applies to all kinds of investing. eToro offers a dozen of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies; browse their stats and even engage with a vocal community about the best coins to get into for healthy diversification.

2. Invest with CopyTrader™

If you see a Popular Investor on eToro whom you like and has good returns, copy them! You can allocate funds to all of the trades they make in real time, with CopyTrader — a one-of-a-kind feature on eToro. CopyTrader takes a set amount of money and mimics the trades of whomever you’d like to copy, automatically.

3. Put funds in a managed portfolio

eToro also offers themed, managed portfolios they call CopyPortfolios. Search for a portfolio that makes sense to you and start investing. These portfolios are typically balanced monthly and based on a unique investing philosophy. 

4. Stake crypto to earn passive income

eToro offers staking rewards for Cardano and TRON. Simply by holding onto these assets, you can earn more of them through a process called Proof of Stake. It’s a great way to make your crypto investments grow without lifting a finger.

5. Trade your heart out

The crypto market never sleeps! If you’ve got time, do some trading. Not only could it be lucrative, but it can be fun, too. And if you’re squeamish about investing your cash, try eToro’s Virtual Portfolio, where you can play around with $100k in “play money”.

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  • Zach Anderson

    Zach was a digital marketer, copywriter, and flight deal expert at Dollar Flight Club where he helped 1 million people travel more. As a digital nomad, he is deeply passionate about location independence, Thai food, and helping others see the world affordably.

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