Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Top 5 To Do’s

Malaysia’s bustling capital operates at breakneck speed, all day and all night. It’s an old guidebook cliché, but this city truly never sleeps – there is something happening literally every hour of every day. Due to its fusion of cultures – mostly Malay, Indian and Chinese – the city has a wonderful mix of cuisine and traditions.

As one of the world’s largest cities, there is so much on offer it would be possible to return dozens of times and never see the same things twice. However, here are our top 5 picks for things you simply can’t miss.


1. Petronas Towers

Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the city’s rise to power and economic prowess, the sparkling, modern Petronas Towers light up the skyline. Between 9am and 9pm, from Tuesday to Sunday, visitors and locals are welcome to make their way to the top of the towers to observe the impressive view over expansive Kuala Lumpur. Even from the ground, they make for an impressive sight, and are in the background of many photographs!


2. Eat at Hutong

If there’s one thing most Kuala Lumpur residents are proud of, it’s their food – and for good reason. Probably due to the fusion of cultures, Kuala Lumpur offers some of the most mouthwatering and tasty eats anywhere in the world. One of the best things about the city is how easy it is to find amazing restaurants and street food, but a particularly popular area is Hutong Food Court, which is loved by both visitors, and locals.


3. Batu Caves

Located just outside the main area of Kuala Lumpur but an easy ride on the train, Batu Caves are a beautiful natural sight as well as a significant religious place for many residents. The Caves are the site of an impressive Hindi shrine, which includes a gold statue of a Hindu God. While worshippers attend the shrine all year round, it is absolutely packed during the annual Thaipusam festival, where worshippers take offerings up the many steps, and leave them in the caves.


4. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Malaysia has many interesting and unique animals, and one of the best place to see the feathered varieties is at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Observe many beautiful, colorful birds in the world’s largest free-flight aviary, or watch one of the many demonstrations and learn about different species of birds. There are also numerous photography sessions every day, where you can get your photo snapped with many charming and beautiful feathered friends.


5. Sunway Lagoon Park

Kuala Lumpur may be beautiful, but it is also usually very humid. Add this to the constant noise, sights and smells of such a crowded city, and you might find yourself a bit hot and bothered. Luckily, the city also has the perfect place to cool off – the Sunway Lagoon Park, an expansive water park with heaps of fun rides and activities, including waterslides and a roller coaster. It’s great for kids (and those who never quite grew out of being kids).