How to Visit the Amalfi Coast on a Budget

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The Amalfi coast in Southern Italy has long been known as a playground for the rich and famous. Luxury resorts line the rugged coastline, and spectacular yachts sit in Amalfi’s harbours, floating on the turquoise waves.

But this breathtaking destination is no longer just for movie stars and millionaires. With affordable guesthouses and family-owned restaurants cropping up in the region’s hillside villages, it’s never been easier to visit the Amalfi coast on a budget.

If you want to experience this spectacular destination without going broke, read on for the complete budget travel guide to Amalfi.


Amalfi Coast on a budget: Know before you go


Go in the shoulder season

Summertime is when prices and crowds can both reach absurd heights on the Amalfi coast. Consider planning your trip during the shoulder months, either in April-May or September-October. Sure, you won’t have as warm of weather but you’ll be able to save enough money that it won’t bother you.


Use public transportation to get between coastal towns

It’s tempting to rent or hire a car to save time. But if you’re traveling on a budget, it’s best to use the SITA bus system to get between towns. Trips on the SITA bus can cost as little as €1.60 one-way.


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Book far in advance

The combination of high demand and limited spots along the coast means that hotels and activities can fill up very quickly. In order to not miss out or to avoid paying significantly more on short notice, book your accommodation and activities well in advance, at least 6 months if possible.




Free and cheap things to do on the Amalfi Coast


Hike the Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods is one of the world’s most magnificent hikes, providing breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. Spend a day traversing this incredible cliff-top trail, walking between the mountains and the sea, and be treated to an unmatched look at this region’s incredible natural beauty.

The trail is about 4 miles long and can take about 3 hours. Be My Travel Muse has a helpful guide on the Path of Gods hike.




Hit the (Free) Beaches

Of course, the Amalfi coastline is dotted with luxurious beaches that beckon you to come laze in the sun. And despite what the crowds appear to tell you, most of these beaches do have a small free section (look for the sections without loungers). Save money by seeking out the free sections of these beaches, splashing around in the water, and forgoing the umbrella and chair rentals.




Trek to Baia di Ieranto

Another incredible hike along the coast, the trek toward the Bay of Ieranto is a road less traveled that pays dividends for those willing to take the journey. The 3-hour trek takes you from the small village of Noreno right down to the turquoise blue waters of the bay. The hike can be a bit strenuous at times, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and know your limits.


cliff views


Explore the Towns Along the Coast

Even if it means planning day trips instead of planning to stay overnight, you should pay a visit to a few different towns along the coast. From Positano to Sorrento and everywhere in between, each town will have its own distinct feel and should be reachable by the affordable SITA bus.


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Day Trip to the Island of Capri

Even if you’re visiting Amalfi on a budget, taking a day trip to Capri is a must! It’s much more affordable than staying on the island itself. Ferries run from almost every town along the coast, making it an easily accessible trip no matter where you choose to stay. Despite its reputation as a playground for the rich, you can have plenty of fun on Capri without breaking the bank.

The best thing to do is simply explore the island. Hike or take a cable car to the top of Mount Solero, wander through historic villas, or take photos at the stunning Blue Grotto, a natural sea cave just off the coast of the island.


boat tours


Visit Ravello

Ravello is easily one of the most romantic towns along the Amalfi coast. Visit the various viewpoints and gardens, or take a tour of the impressive Villa Cimbrone. Don’t miss the rose gardens and jaw-dropping views from the Terrace of Infinity.


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Take in History at the Amalfi Cathedral

While most traveler’s flock to Italy for the beaches and sunshine, it’s also an incredibly historic part of the world. The medieval Amalfi Cathedral is just one of many local monuments worth visiting. Built in the 9th century, the cathedral is dedicated to Saint Andrew, whose relics were reportedly brought here in 1206. There’s no fee to enter the cathedral, making it one of the best free things to do in Amalfi.




Where to stay on a budget on the Amalfi Coast

Instead of staying in Amalfi Coast hotspots like Positano, Capri, and Amalfi, where accommodation is both limited and super expensive, stay in a smaller town and take a day trip over to the hotspots.

To save money, stay in smaller, less-visited towns like Atrani, Maiori, Minori, or even Ravello. For the most bang for your buck, set up shop in Salerno which is easily reachable from Rome or Naples and offers regular busses and ferries to popular destinations along the Amalfi Coast. Plus, it’s got its own beaches.

However, if you absolutely have to stay on or nearer to the coast, consider some of the smaller budget-friendly hostels below.


Hostel Brikette (Positano)

With stunning views of the coast, Hostel Brikette is one of the best places to stay in Positano on a budget. Choose from a private or dorm-style room, and relax on the incredible outdoor terrace.


Seven (Sant’Agnello)

Visiting the Amalfi Coast on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style! Seven offers guests a rooftop solarium, a sleek lounge and bar area, and 24 hour concierge service. If that doesn’t win you over, the breathtaking views of Sant’Agnello will. Rent a scooter or bicycle directly from the hotel to explore the surrounding area.


Florida Hostel & Hotel (Sorrento)

Florida Hostel & Hotel in Sorrento is perfect for those looking an affordable place to stay on the Amalfi Coast. Surrounded by fragrant orange and lemon groves, this idyllic resort is just a 20 minute walk from downtown Sorrento. With a nearby beach and terraces overlooking the sea, it’s the perfect place to base your Amalfi adventure. Join one of the pre-organized tours or take pizza school lessons in the garden restaurant!




Cheap flights to the Amalfi Coast

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Where to find cheap eats on the Amalfi Coast


Stick to pizza

Want an authentic Italian meal without breaking the bank? Pizza is often less than half the price of meat or seafood options, and just as delicious. And there’s no shortage of budget pizzerias to try, either: Try Il Leone Rosso​ in Sorrento, Bagni da Ferdinando in Positano, or Da Maria in Amalfi.


Eat out for lunch, not dinner

If you want to experience one of Amalfi’s more luxurious restaurants, save money by going for lunch instead of dinner. Set menus are often half the price at lunchtime as they are just a few hours later in the day.


Pack a picnic

Don’t want to splurge on a restaurant meal? Italian grocery stores are full of fresh produce, bread and mozzarella, at a fraction of what you’d pay in a restaurant. Stock up on picnic supplies and you’ll have a delicious meal on a budget!


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Start planning your trip to the Amalfi Coast


Visiting this bucket list destination doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With a little research and advance planning, it’s possible to visit the Amalfi Coast on a budget.

If this post gave you some serious wanderlust, make sure to bookmark it and sign up to receive cheap flight deals, so you can start planning your trip to today!

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