How to Visit Buenos Aires on a Budget

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Buenos Aires lives up to its name as the ‘Paris of South America’. The stunning Argentinian capital boasts a thriving cultural scene, fantastic nightlife, and world-class art museums – all at a fraction of the cost of its European counterpart.

From cemeteries to tango shows, here are our top tips for visiting Buenos Aires on a budget.

Buenos Aires on a Budget: Know before you go


Getting around Buenos Aires

The subway is a great way to get around the city, as it hits all the main tourist stops. Pick up a rechargeable SUBE card (cash is no longer accepted) at kiosks around the city. It also works on the bus.


Embrace the laid-back lifestyle. 

In Buenos Aires, the day starts and ends late, with dinner starting around 9 pm. You won’t find many locals in a hurry and punctuality isn’t the end-all-be-all. Go with the flow.


Keeping up to date with the news is a must.

A great alternative to clickbait headlines or physical newspapers is 1400. It is a free newsletter that delivers unbiased news daily in a quick, 5-minute read. Check it out here.


Not your usual Spanish.

Spanish in Argentina is called Castellano, due to its roots in Castilla, Spain. Even if you speak Spanish, expect to hear some very distinct differences.




Free and cheap things to do in Buenos Aires


See Buenos Aires’ Most Colorful Neighborhood

Considered to be one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in all of Buenos Aires, La Boca’s colorful buildings and cobblestone streets are a popular stop on any BA itinerary. Many are quick to point out that La Boca’s rising popularity has given it more of a “touristy” vibe over the years, but it’s still very much worth checking out.


Visit the “World’s Best Cemetery”

Sure, a cemetery seems like a morbid thing to put on your travel itinerary. However, Recoleta Cemetery is more like series of stunning memorials to Argentina’s most notable citizens. Among the long rows of ornate mausoleums and intricate sculptures, you’ll find the graves of Argentine presidents, Nobel Prize winners, and former actress and first lady Eva Perón, known locally as Evita. Some people even take walking tours here!




Go see the stunning Casa Rosada

Kind of like the White House…except pink. Casa Rosada is the office of Argentina’s President and one of Buenos Aires’ most famous landmarks. But why the pink coat of paint?

The common explanation is that it was a compromise to defuse political tensions by mixing red and white – the colors of the country’s two opposing political parties. The other explanation is that white paint was mixed with cow’s blood to protect it against the effects of humidity. Free tours are available in both English and Spanish.


pink building


Take in a Tango show

Much more than a dance, Tango is a critical part of culture in Buenos Aires. From busy streets and open air markets to large theaters, Tango shows can be found throughout the city. Bring your dancing shoes and head to one of Buenos Aires’ best places for Tango.




Visit the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

The largest public art collection in Latin America, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is free to enter, and home to both local and international masterpieces (including works by Picasso, Rembrandt and van Gogh). Free tours are held in English at 1pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.




Talk a walk through Bosques de Palermo

At over 900 acres, Bosques de Palermo gives Hyde Park in London a run for its money. If you’re looking for an escape from the buzz of the city, take a stroll through the park’s various lakes, groves and gardens. The 300 acre rose garden is a highlight for both locals and tourists. Open to the public since 1874, Bosques de Palermo is also the oldest park in Buenos Aires. Entrance is free, and for a small fee you can rent roller skates, bikes or paddle boats.




Where to stay on a budget in Buenos Aires


Milhouse Hostels

With two popular locations in Buenos Aires, Milhouse Hostels are known as a reliable place for budget travelers to rest their weary heads. From terraces and on-site bars to Tango lessons and BBQ’s, Milhouse is most famous for creating a fun, social atmosphere.


Che Juan BA

Quickly becoming a traveler favorite, Che Juan BA provides a more laid back alternative to other budget accommodations. As a newcomer to the Buenos Aires market, this hotel-like hostel is clean, comfortable, and charming.



Situated in the massively popular area of Palermo, Benita is a small, down to earth hostel where you’ll quickly feel at home. As a small family run spot, it feels more like a modern B & B than a hostel.


colorful building


Cheap flights to Buenos Aires


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Best cheap eats in Buenos Aires


At first glance, it seems that vegetarians might have a slightly harder time in Buenos Aires. After all, this is a city, or rather a country, that truly loves meat – specifically beef. But the truth is that there’s more to Argentina than its asado.



Top shelf cuts of grass fed beef, cooked with only salt, grilled slowly to absolute perfection. Asado is a delicious art form in Argentina.



This Latin American staple is found all over Buenos Aires, either baked or fried, with fillings like beef, sweet corn, or even ham and cheese.



It’s all in the name. Chorizo (sausage) and bread (pan). This sausage sandwich is a summertime favorite, found everywhere from public parks to outside football stadiums.


Pizza and pasta

Yup, you read that right. Thanks to the high amount of Italian immigrants decades ago, you can now find pizza and pasta throughout the city that rivals what you’d find in Rome.




Start planning your trip to Buenos Aires

With delicious cheap eats, affordable hostels, and plenty of colorful neighbourhoods to explore on foot, Buenos Aires is the perfect budget travel destination. Make sure to save this Buenos Aires budget travel guide and sign up to receive cheap flight deals, so you can start planning your trip today to Argentina’s beautiful capital!

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