Our Dispute and Fraud Policy

If you feel that Dollar Flight Club has made a mistake with a payment or an error has occurred, please contact our support team (support@dollarflightclub.com), before filing a chargeback dispute, so that we can rectify the issue. 

It is the customers responsibility to cancel a membership prior to renewal, as we do not offer refunds on renewals. Members can always access their renewal date and membership price at any time by logging into their Dollar Flight Club account. It’s the customers responsibility to cancel before a renewal if they do not want the annual renewal charge to occur.  

Additionally, when signing up for a Dollar Flight Club membership, members do agree to our refund policy and terms of use. We encourage all members to review these before signing up.


Refund Policy
Terms of Use


Customers may not have the intention of committing fraud so it is important to understand what chargeback fraud (AKA friendly fraud) is and how to avoid it. Friendly fraud does negatively affect the merchants, is especially harmful to small businesses like us, and is illegal. 


What is Chargeback Fraud (AKA Friendly Fraud)?

Chargeback fraud occurs when a customer makes a legitimate online purchase, then disputes the charge, requesting a refund from the issuing bank or credit card, after receiving the purchased goods or services. 

Here are a few examples of “friendly fraud”:

  1. Customer forgets to cancel a recurring purchase and disputes the charge
  2. Customer experiences buyers remorse and regrets a purchase.


Legal Action Against Chargeback Fraud

Chargeback fraud is on the rise for online businesses and cannot be ignored. Chargeback fraud is theft and larceny. Dollar Flight Club is committed to ensuring this type of behavior is stopped and will take legal action against this type of fraud when reasonable evidence is possessed.

Consumers who commit Chargeback Fraud and take advantage of the system may get blacklisted which may prohibit the abusers from taking advantage of your business and others in the future.


Please contact Dollar Flight Club (support@dollarflightclub.com) with any questions or comments. Our support team is happy to help!