Buenos Aires, Argentina – Top 5 To Do’s

Buenos Aires is one of the most effortlessly cool cities in the world. Perhaps unsurprisingly given there are over 13 million Portenos (BA locals) in the city, it’s almost a country within itself. Divided up into numerous districts, they all offer a completing different vibe, from the Hollywood-esque Palermo to the grungy and colorful La Boca.

Get ready to fall in love with Buenos Aires. To help you know where to start with this staggering city, here are our top 5 things you don’t want to miss.


1. Learn to Tango (or at least watch it)

Having two left feet is no excuse. Get swept up in the passion of Buenos Aires and try to learn to tango. Worst case scenario, you have a good old laugh. Best case scenario, you can whip out a few dance moves at Latin night in your home city. Once you’ve given it a go, be amazed by the professionals at one of Buenos Aires many tantalizing shows. Try to catch one in a regal old theatre, where you can pretend you’ve been transported back to the roaring 20s.


2. Visit La Boca

One of Buenos Aires’ most popular barrios also happens to be one of the most dangerous – go figure! Well, the gorgeous colored buildings and salsa-dancing buskers probably helps a lot. La Boca is one of the most popular outings for tourists, and is unmissable. A walking tour is a good way to see it, so you don’t veer off into the more dodgy parts of the area. If you happen to arrive when a soccer match is on, be prepared – this will probably be the most amazing, or most terrifying afternoon of your life (and probably both). Football is a religion here.


3. Explore the San Telmo Markets

Grab your copy of Spanish for Beginners and head over to the San Telmo Markets to search for trinkets and treasures. Here, you can buy many great souvenirs such as leather bags and various other items. However, the real treat is the antiques section, which is truly enormous and has an absolutely fantastic selection of goods. With your pocito of Spanish, you’re unlikely to really know what you’re looking at but that’s half the fun. Make sure you have chorizo for lunch.


4. Stroll through Recoleta

Considered some of Buenos Aires’ most prime real estate, families engage real estate agents years in advance to secure some of Recoleta‘s most sought after land. Factors such as the width of the street and amount of light can drive prices up stratospherically. What’s so special about it? Well, this is the place to be buried in Buenos Aires. That’s right – it’s a cemetery for the rich and famous. Follow the crowds to the tombstone of Eva Peron.


5. See the Pink House

Speaking of Eva Peron, get ready to hum Don’t Cry for Me Argentina as you wander through the streets of Buenos Aires and towards the famous La Casa Rosada which has served as the Presidential building for centuries. Not only is it one of the most famous sights in Argentina, but it is also one of the city’s Top 5 protest locations. On any given day, you can expect to see at least one group of enthusiastic protesters.