How Biking Can Maximize Your Vacation

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Vacation time is precious, so it makes sense to do your best to make the most of it. Even if you’re just headed out to spend your PTO relaxing on the beach, it’s still worth planning ahead to make sure you can be efficient and do as much relaxing as possible.

And that’s where bikes come into play. Adding bikes into the vacation equation is one of the most affordable and practical ways to make sure you get the most out of your time away from work. They make logistics easier, they cut down on your transportation costs, and best of all, they make getting around your destination an enjoyable activity, instead of just another chore. So next time you’re getting your plane tickets lined up and planning your vacation, think about how you can integrate bikes into it.

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But!” you interject, “I’m not a cyclist, I’m not one of those dorks running around my local coffee shop in tight bike shorts and shiny shoes. I don’t really use bikes that much in my daily life, why should that change while I’m on vacation?”

Well, first of all, vacation is all about changing up your daily routine, you don’t usually spend your Tuesdays getting a massage and drinking Mai Thai’s on the beach, do you? So the “this is out of the ordinary” argument doesn’t really carry much weight here. And even if you don’t usually spend much time on a bike normally, all the more reason to do it on vacation.


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The most obvious reason to look at renting bikes on your next vacation is to make the logistics of travel easier. Most vacation destinations are laid out with everything important in fairly close proximity to your lodging so that you don’t need a rental car. But, if you choose not to rent a car, you’re limited in the radius of where you can visit, and you’re excluded from more remote or harder to access attractions.

Not so with the bike. What would be a grueling five-mile walk turns into a mellow half hour ride along the beach. And most resort towns have great bike infrastructure, so you don’t even need to deal with traffic. Instead, you can just hop on a bike path, and pedal off to your destination.


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The same goes for parking, you don’t need to wander around downtown, trying to find the cheapest parking option with a bike, just pull up to your destination and lock it. And forget having to get special driving insurance to rent a car in a foreign country. Bikes make everything simpler. Nobody goes on vacation just so they can get stuck in traffic far from home. And with a bike, you don’t need to worry about that happening.

Biking doesn’t just make the practical transportation side of things easier. It’s a fun activity in its own right and a great way to explore wherever you’re visiting. Many vacation areas offer mountain bike rentals, and some even have guided trips, where they provide a bike and a bike helmet, along with a guide and route that takes you through some of the best trails and attractions. It’s a great low impact way to explore the natural wonders of your destination at your own pace, without having to cram onto a crowded tour bus or hike around.


Mountain bikers


The same goes for road bikes, and even ebikes. Do some research about your destination, there’s probably a local shop that offers rentals, that can get you set up with bikes and some destination ideas. You can cover many more miles on an electric bike with little effort. Plus, it’s a great way to explore the countryside without having to be a fit, serious cyclist. Just make sure to follow any local rules about where ebikes are and are not allowed.

No matter how experienced (or not) a cyclist you are, a good shop will be able to help you find a rental bike that works for you, and suggest routes and trails that make sense for your skill level. They might even have a group ride that you’d enjoy!


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Vacation time is the best, but part of what makes it so valuable is how finite it is. You only get so much time away from the desk, so it’s worth making sure you make it count. One of the best ways to ensure you carpe every diem on your next vacation is to rent bikes. You’ll have an easier time getting around town, you’ll save money and stress instead of renting a car and dealing with unfamiliar traffic, and you might just get to explore some unknown gem that you’d have overlooked otherwise. So pack your swimming suit and your bike shorts, it’s time to blow out of town and get some vacation time!

  • Zach Anderson

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