13 Best Gifts for Travelers (and How to Save on them)

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December 4, 2020. Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the browser extension using the links provided. It’s been a strange year for travel lovers. Instead of collecting passport stamps and airline miles, most of us have been stuck staying a bit closer to home. But with the holidays approaching, you can still find the perfect gift for those who love to travel. Even better, you can save money before you buy using the Capital One Shopping browser extension. With Capital One Shopping, you don’t need to go scouring the web to find the best holiday deals. Their free and helpful browser add-on already does the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is shop as you normally would and add products to your cart. Capital One Shopping will instantly search for available coupons and discount codes and automatically apply them for you at checkout. Best of all, the extension compares prices for you while you shop on Amazon, Target, and more, so you can score jaw-dropping savings. To get an idea of how you can use Capital One Shopping to save money this holiday season, check out our picks for this year’s best gifts for travelers.

Best Gifts for Travelers 2020

Trtl Pillow

Have you ever woken up from a plane nap with a sore neck? What about being jolted awake by your head suddenly nodding forward? If so, then you need to bring a Trtl Pillow on your next flight. Trtl isn’t your average airport kiosk neck pillow. Instead of propping your head up with the usual cushy half-donut design, it uses an internal neck support system that keeps your head in an ergonomic position while you doze off. On the outside, the pillow is covered in a super soft, machine washable fleece that feels like a cozy blanket on your face. So on that next longhaul flight to Europe, you’ll fall asleep and stay asleep.

Packing Cubes

Over the last few years, packing cubes have become all the rage in the travel world and it’s easy to see why. Packing cubes, like these from Eagle Creek, are a great way to keep all of your stuff organized when you travel. Instead of ripping apart your luggage trying to find specific items, packing cubes make it easy to sort and locate your stuff. This way you can find what you need without having to unpack everything else. And if you’re a habitual bag-stuffer, packing cubes are a great way to save space in your bag.

Travel Books

Because most of us aren’t traveling right now, travel books make a great gift. They scratch that travel itch, help us reflect on past trips, and can inspire us to plan our next great adventure. For beautiful coffee table books that are sure to inspire wanderlust, we love Lonely Planet’s Travel Book and Beautiful World. For the budget traveler in your life, check out How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. The book is written by budget travel blogging pioneer Matt Kepnes of nomadicmatt.com. If the traveler on your list has a serious case of wanderlust, we recommend Vagabonding by Rolf Potts, a one of a kind book dedicated to the art and possibilities of long term travel.

Travel Scratch Map

These travel scratch maps provide a fun way to look back on all the places you’ve been while also inspiring you to keep exploring. Instead of marking places the old fashioned way with a pin on a map, you just take a coin and scratch off each of the places you’ve been. 


If you’ve got a hardcore outdoors enthusiast on your list, the LifeStraw makes an outstanding stocking stuffer. These ultralight straws use a membrane microfilter to filter parasites, bacteria, and microplastics out of your water, allowing users to drink from rivers or lakes in an emergency.

Digital Luggage Scale

Do you know a traveler who always packs way too much and is constantly getting slammed with overweight bag fees? Save them the hassle of paying more for their bag at check-in by getting them a digital luggage scale. This tiny portable scale is compact enough to carry but strong enough to hold up to 110 pounds. No more surprise charges at check-in, no more overstuffed bags.

Ultimate Ears WonderBoom Speaker

The WonderBoom 2 is the perfect speaker for those who want to keep the party going all day long. In addition to being waterproof and incredibly rugged, the speaker’s 13-hour battery means you can be jamming from the morning beach session all the way to the night time party. Toss the Wonder Boom into your pack and instantly become the star of your next trip.

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Travel Journal

Keeping a travel journal is a great way to make sure that the memories of your trip last. We all love to take snapshots during our trips but, while those show the highlights to our friends and family, a journal is where you can make sure that you recall the sights, smells, sounds, and people that made a place truly extraordinary. For a high-quality travel journal that will stand up to the tests of the road, it doesn’t get more reliable than the classic Moleskine brand notebooks. For travelers, we love their  National Geographic partnership travel journal, City specific notebooks, or the travel journal kit complete with pen and luggage tag. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

You take a million photos on vacation. But then what happens to them? Sure, a handful of them might make their way onto your Instagram. But the rest are quickly buried in your phone and forgotten. Instead of letting your vacation memories just take up space, print them out with the Instax Mini Link, an easy to use smartphone printer. The Instax Mini Link connects to your phone via Bluetooth and lets you print photos in as little as 12 seconds.

Anker Battery Pack

From phones and tablets to e-readers and wireless headphones, it can be difficult to keep all of your electronics fully charged when traveling. And you definitely don’t want to get caught with a dead phone when you’re trying to find directions to your hostel. The Anker PowerCore 13000 portable battery pack fits in the palm of your hands, yet is powerful enough to keep all of your gadgets charged. It has 2 USB ports and can charge your smartphone up to 3 times in a row.

Travel Adapter

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your hotel late at night, with a nearly dead phone and a charger that doesn’t fit the local outlets. Instead of buying adapters once you land or taking up valuable bag space by carrying a ton of them, grab a multi-country wall plug adapter. This one from HAOZI can charge up to 3 devices at once and works in over 150 countries!

Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re a digital nomad in a busy co-working space, sharing a hostel with a noisy bunkmate, or seated near a crying baby on the plane, sometimes you just need to drown out the noise. A good pair of noise-canceling headphones will do just that. The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II is our top choice for travel-approved noise-canceling headphones. They offer unmatched comfort, superior sound, and incredible noise cancelation capabilities. 

Osprey Farpoint

For avid travelers in need of a new backpack, we highly recommend the Osprey Farpoint 55. In addition to offering plenty of room to fit everything that you need, it has a detachable daypack that is perfect for laptops, towels, electronics, books, clothes, and anything else you’d want to keep close when traveling. Osprey’s high-quality packs have become a favorite among travelers thanks to their industry best “All Mighty Guarantee” that promises to repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge.

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