Travel Trends to Watch in 2021 (Survey)


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There’s no telling what travel will look like in 2021 but that isn’t stopping us from thinking about it. After the last year, so many of us are ready to get back out into the world and start collecting those passport stamps again. So what will travel look like for you in 2021?

In order to provide you with the best travel tips and cheap flight deals to the places that you want to go, we want to know more about your travel plans for 2021. That’s why we teamed up with our friends at Typeform, the people who make filling out forms fun, to create this brief survey. And because it’s a Typeform survey, we bet you’ll actually enjoy filling it out.

You can check out our brief – just 7 questions2021 travel survey by clicking the image below. Then, read on to learn what travel trends we’re watching for 2021.


Keeping it close to home

For the few times when we could travel, 2020 was largely the year of the road trip and the staycation. People began venturing out into their own backyards and exploring their cities in new ways. Thanks to social distancing and an emphasis on being outdoors, some national parks even saw near-record attendance. To the dismay of some, neighboring Mexico continues to see an influx of American tourists who might otherwise be traveling abroad.

This trend is likely to continue through at least the first quarter of 2021. Though the long-awaited vaccine rollout has begun, it will likely be a while until enough of the population is inoculated to really affect things.

No vaccine, no flight?

Once borders do finally open will you be required to have the vaccine before you can travel? Qantas boss Alan Joyce made headlines in November when he said that the airline would require passengers to prove that they’ve been vaccinated. While that certainly garnered a lot of attention, the rest of the airline industry was largely reluctant to follow suit. Still, while it seems unlikely that airlines will require you to have the jab, it’s worth watching.

Digital health passports

As for testing, the trick will be to get to a place of consistency. Right now, different countries have different entry requirements when it comes to COVID-19 testing and the policies seem to change on an almost weekly basis. A growing number of governments and organizations are working to simplify this process by creating ‘digital covid passports’ that will serve as proof of testing and vaccination. The question is whether or not they will be an essential part of travel moving forward.

Apps like CommonPass, created by nonprofit The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum, are betting so, as the group has already partnered with several major airlines. IBM also recently unveiled its Digital Health Pass, a similar app designed for places like offices, schools, stadiums, and airlines. Not only does this suggest that we’re likely to see more of these apps in the coming year, but it seems to indicate that they’ll be a requirement for international travel.

Your travel plans for 2021

We want to send you the very best flight deals to every place on your bucket list in 2021. To help us do this, we created a short Travel in 2021 survey using Typeform that’s sure to spark your wanderlust. 

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